If reality = illusion, then illusion = reality

— IRPC (June 2011)

Old man with ants on his face and others watching / IRPC / May 2009

Old man with ants on his face and others watching / IRPC / May 2009

Down and up… once upon a time in life

by IRPC  /Written on August 31, 2006/

You’re in a ‘bad’ moment of your life… bad as in “no movement”. You feel that nothing is happening, like crap, like ‘good for nothing’. You’re not moving in any direction; still… that’s what you think.

Really life is just readjusting itself, it’s keeping its surprise a surprise, so when you finally see what it’s got for you, you’re actually surprised, amazed, etc… and everything makes sense, and it all goes back to normal.

Normal is now a higher standard than before.  You’re going up a spiral in which you cannot ever go down again. Climbing the stairs that never end.


by IRPC /Written on September 9, 2006/

What’s the good? What’s the bad? 

Wanting to do something and not being able to. Having your mouth and your soul strap-locked.

There are many things that I would love to do. I don’t do them because I’m lazy perhaps. Then I feel bad of doing nothing and wasting my life… depression I guess. Really if you have things in your mind that you want to do, and you don’t, you’re really wasting your life. What is life anyway. I’d rather be dreaming.

Some people ‘dare’ to look up to you. You ‘dare’ to take that responsibility. Inside you crumble and you can’t even hold yourself up like a decent human being.

The only ‘real’ thing that we’ve got besides ourselves (sometimes) is our ‘family and friends’. I say that my friends are family too… the close friends. I love how “being an entirely different entity”, you can actually be with more little worlds (other people) and share words, thoughts, moments.

It’s like when you watch the stars… the world is so alive, and we barely give ourselves the chance of giving that a little thought once in a while. So self-centered, so egocentric we are.

Not just that, we disrespect our closest brothers; animals, plants… all the living creatures with which we ‘share’ this planet.

Sharing. Such an interesting topic. We can preach for hours non-stop about sharing, but when we are the ones ‘needed’ to share, we think it twice, or we convince ourselves that we will do it in the next occasion.

Leaving things for tomorrow

what’s the hurry anyway

Living like pigs

We’re nothing but pigs

Play in your mud, come on play…

Isn’t that what you want?

Filthy pig, the dirt won’t come off

even in your rainy days

There is always a new sun

waiting for us the next morning

There is always a loving moon

waiting for us at night

Don’t leave us alone… ever


I want to read more books. I want to write more songs… or at least one decent song. I don’t ever want to be satisfied.

It’s good that I’m “depressed”, or with this gray ‘good for nothing’ feeling. This means that I’m actually not satisfied with what’s happening in my life, and that eventually I will do something to regain the necessary balance.

English… Rusty English

Happiness… Rusty Happiness

Love… Rusty Love

Emptiness… Best Friend

Loneliness… The Same

I am who I always was.

I am I.


This will stop whenever I make it stop. Life may take me through dark passages… I’ll always find the light. No riddles, no easy words will take me off my path.

I only have to let go. I only need to go with the flow. The flow the flow the flow…

Dear friends ‘Philo’ and ‘Piorch’ / IRPC / Early 2009

Dear friends ‘Philo’ and ‘Piorch’ / IRPC / Early 2009